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 24 Mar 2016, 15:02

Hi guys,

I would really love some input on this. I am a career changer and was shocked and excited to be accepted both to Tuck with no money and to Boston College with a full tuition scholarship. I'm having an extremely hard time picking between the two. Here are the factors I'm considering.

-Want to move back home to Boston after I finish my MBA. Seems like both schools have a strong network and a large presence in Boston.
-I'm a career changer without any relevant business experience (maybe I need the ivy name to strengthen resume? idk)
-Tuck was my #1 choice, but I really liked BC too, but now that I'm into Tuck BC kind of feels like "second place Tuck." (I think I'd like it more again if I recommitted to attending.)
-Tuck will sink me into close to 200k in debt, which is terrifying. I currently don't have any debt of any kind.
-I'm not 100% sure of what I want to do after graduation, but I think either a general management track or marketing/brand management. I think BC is good for both but Tuck is great for both.
-Of course I want a great two years, but an MBA is more about the ROI for me than anything else.
-I don't want to go into finance or consulting.
-Many of the companies I'm interested in, such as Ocean Spray or Hasbro, do hire BC grads, but I wonder if I would have an easier time finding a job there or elsewhere coming from Tuck

I'm unsure of so many things. Will Tuck get me higher paid internships in marketing or management than BC would? I know a lot of the really top firms you're expected to be move wherever they want, which I'm not really willing to do as of right now. Are there any "top" jobs in Boston OUTSIDE of finance and consulting that would make Tuck worth the investment? Will that famous Tuck network get me 200k of jobs and raises down the road?

Ok internet strangers, decide my future!


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