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My apologies to everyone waiting for Book #4 of the Servant of the Crown mystery series. Between my farm work and my decision to leave the Farm on Oak Creek, my writing slowed. The Final Toll is still coming steadily along and I'll be very interested to see whodunit!

What can I say? I’m single and over sixty, I write and I farm on eight acres of slowly improving red earth (it originally looked like Mars had exploded!) on Oak Creek in northern Arizona. I started with chickens, then there were turkeys and Jersey milk cows. But with livestock came the predators: coyotes, bald eagles, black hawks, mountain lions, and, worst of all, raccoons. Dang those nasty creatures! They kill just because they can; think dogs with opposable thumbs. (Five chickens in one night–they reached in through the chain link and killed the birds with no expectation of being able to eat them.) They are the reason I have my two amazing dogs, Moosie (an Akita/Sharpei mix) and Bear (a Hungarian Kuvasz). Moosie just loves to take on (and kill) the raccoons. As for the cats, I have seven and they’re supposed to eat the gophers but, being cats, they prefer cat food, thank you very much.

I’ve since given up cows (not forever, I hope) in favor of pigs and Dorper Sheep, a South African breed that doesn’t need to be sheared and gains all their weight on grass alone, after an acquaintance informed me that they are “stupid simple” to raise. Stupid simple I can do! Hard to believe but I'm now a pig fanatic. Dogs with snouts, these massive but sweet girls do my rototilling. I continue to raise turkeys, but my precious Tom is beginning to show his age.

What's coming up for me in the future? I've just finished my first full-length novel in the "Children of Graistan" series, "Awaken the Sleeping Heart." It's the story of Cecilia, the daughter of Geoffrey of Coudray. Now that this is done, I'll be working on my next mystery in the "Servant of the Crown" series, "The Final Toll," and keeping an eye on the farm while I do.

You can follow my farm antics at

Denise Domning


Denise Domning is the award-winning, best-selling author of eleven historical novels and the co-author with Monica Sarli of one gritty, hard-bitten memoir of addiction and recovery. Of the two genres she frankly prefers the rats, grime and fleas of the Twelfth Century over the ghettos and drug use of modern Kansas City. For Denise, writing means using words as her time machine and painting an accurate portrait of a past. Open any of her novels, whether Twelfth, Thirteenth, Sixteenth or Nineteenth Century, and step into a bygone era. As one reviewer put it " live the life and the language, smell the odors of unwashed humanity, and hear the sucking sounds as your flimsy shoes slog through mud and muck." Now doesn't that sound romantic?

Denise and her husband Ed live on a farm in Cornville (yes, Cornville), Arizona, where they plant veggies, milk cows and have an Easter egg hunt every day.




Knights of Valor, November 2013
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Daring Damsels, August 2013

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