Provocation And Negotiation Essays In Comparative Criticism

Danielle Karanjeet J. de Feo-Giet (BA hons. Chinese (Modern & Classical), School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; MA, Regional Studies East Asia Programme, Harvard University) is a DPhil student in the faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford. She is co-founder of the Juxtapose Project.

Danielle’s research, under Dr. Margaret Hillenbrand (Oxford) and Prof. Rachel Dwyer (SOAS) focuses on popular entertainment films in the two countries treating them as popular cultural texts, social visions and consumer goods in a changing political and economic climate. She examines how these films are reflecting and crafting changes in cultural identity as part of the substantial social transformation arising in the wake of economic reform.

Danielle studied at Beijing Normal University between 2001 and 2002, interning at Beijing’s Red Gate Gallery (Hongmen Hualang) and teaching at Beijing Construction University while there. She served as a Harvard Dudley House fellow between 2005 and 2006 while studying for her masters in Harvard’s RSEA programme. She has presented conferences and roundtables in the UK, US, India and Korea. While at Oxford, in addition to her work on Juxtapose, she has formulated and taught 2 tutorial courses on modern and contemporary Chinese literature, emphasising a critical approach that combines literary sources with popular culture and news media source material.

In addition to her academic work, between 2006 and 2011 Danielle worked in development and heritage sectors in South, Southeast and East Asia, Europe and the US, concurrently developing her own editing and copywriting consultancy, PillarboxRed. She can be reached at and

Her research interests include: popular culture, music, television, film and print culture in Asia, social media and technology, fan culture, diaspora studies, identity, reception studies, gender, social consequences of development, critical theory, Asian intellectual life and intellectual history.

Selected recent publications:

(with Ma, Yuge) “Avoiding a Simplistic Comparison of China and India”, China Outlook, 09-12-2014.  Online.

“Book Review: Provocation and Negotiation: Essays in Comparative Criticism”, Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation Review. September (2014). Online. Print forthcoming.

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