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something that students know all too well is how difficult it is to find a healthy medium between our own health and working hard in school. as somebody who personally has dealt with multiple mental issues and is still in recovery, i completely understand that sometimes it seems impossible to do both. however!!! it IS possible to maintain good grades and good mental health- it’s just a matter of figuring out what works for you and making your health a priority. i thought i’d compile a list of some of the resources that help me with this, and i hope that they can help some of you!! remember that my messages are always open if you ever need anything, and i believe in you!!! you can do anything you set your mind to and so much more <3

general tips

- get enough sleep: ohmygosh this is so so important. i’ve gotten a total of sixteen hours of sleep over the last three days- don’t be like me, kiddos. try to get at least eight hours every night!! it’s so much better to sleep and recharge your brain than stay up all night trying to cram in exhaustion

- don’t skip meals: no matter how busy you are. i know, it can get so hectic, and sometimes you can be just be too stressed to sit down and eat properly. but ur brain and ur body need food!! it’s gonna fuel you and make you have so much more energy, i promise. breakfast is the most important, but make sure to sit down and eat something nutritious when you get hungry!

- make your bed: honestly this just makes me feel like i have my shit together so much better. plus it stops me from turning into a ball of blankets and taking a 10 hour depression nap (but!!!! if you really need to sleep please do!!!!)

- write. down. everything: plan, plan, plan. it’s cliché but seriously, just do it. it can help you feel more pulled together, more in control, and give you a way to visualize what needs to get done. it’ll also help you to remember everything you have to do! this is the other way i feel like my have my shit together

- stay hydrated: another cliché but!!!! essential!!!!!! it’s good for ur skin, good for ur brain, and can almost instantly make you feel better. keep a drink of water near you and sip on it from time to time!

- be gentle with yourself: things didn’t go as planned??? that’s perfectly okay you’re human and we all make mistakes sometimes. bad days happen. take a deep breath, take care of yourself, and trust that things will turn out okay. i believe in u friend!!!

when you’re having a bad day

- supportive lin manuel miranda tweets

- explore the world through a door

- sort through your thoughts

- explore the stars!!!!

- the dawn room

- vent & watch your thoughts burst into stars

- daily puppy!!

- stress analyst

- having a bad night???

- giant self help masterpost by @teacomets !!!

- self care by @lazyhermione

-amazing stress relieving masterpost by @studykouffee

-need to calm down???



- motivation masterpost

- inspirational harry potter quotes!

- conquer the school year by @merakinotes

- complete guide to studying well by @scholarlysquad

- awesome time management masterpost by @studyign!!!!

- 40 study tips and tricks by @studywithmariana

-101 study tips by @areistotle

- masterpost of studying by @xmayjayx

- my masterpost on studying/improving grades!

helpful apps/websites

apps- i’ve personally used all of these!!

-pacifica: an absolute godsend of an app that has helped me so much in my recovery, ohmygosh. it’s a mental health tracker with so many incredible tools to meditate, deconstruct repetitive/negative thoughts, keep a board of things that give you hope/inspire you, track health habits, and so much more!!!! i would 11/10 recommend (available on ios, android, and website)

- mystudylife: an awesome app for tracking homework and schedules!! you can customize your classes/schedule/calendar and whatnot, and also keep track of all of your homework assignments. the app will send you a reminder if you haven’t marked an assignment as complete a day before its due! (available on ios, android, windows, and website)

- rocketfocus: an adorable pomodoro timer! you send a spaceship with a cute little onigiri in it to explore space while you work (i love space can you see why i adore this-). once you’re done, you collect a new visited planet and some coins that you can use to customize your spacesuit/spaceship! it also times your breaks. honestly amazing! (available on ios)

- soundcloud: it’s a music platform, need i say more?? you can make playlists/like various uploaded songs! I can‘t live without my music so this helps me live honestly (available on ios, web, android, sonos, chromecast, and xbox one)

- calm: daily meditations with a calming image. awesome for just clearing your mind for a while! (available on ios and google play)


-coffitivity: coffee shop background noise!

- hemingwayapp: an editing tool that analyzes your sentences and helps make them more concise

- zenpen: a “minimalist writing zone“ where you can work free of distractions

- some more background noise: tide | noisli | rainycafe | calmsound | myNoise | soundrown |

- google scholar: like google, but for finding academic articles/papers. awesome for research!

- written? kitten!: get rewarded with a kitten picture after writing a certain amount. if this isn’t motivating idk what is

- mathway: math problem solver!!!

- wolfram alpha: and another!!

self-care ideas

- comfort baking 

- self care flowchart!!

- go out for a run, dance, whatever gets ur heart pumping!!

- have a shower or a bath

- if you’re into makeup, give yourself a makeover!!

- paint something, anything! this really helps me

- go through a lil skin care routine. moisturize all the way!!! (herearemyfav skincare products!!!)

- paint ur nails

- burn a yummy smelling candle! (oneofmyfavoritebrands)

- put on some fuzzy socks

- make a nice warm beverage and cozy up! (some hotchocolate recipes)

- watch ur favorite movie

- cook & experiment with your favorite meal!

- reread a favorite childhood book

- put on some comfy clothes. be cozy. bury urself in a hoodie (that’s what im doing right now)

- mug recipes: cookie in a mug | brownie | another brownie! | 

- hot chocolate recipes

some awesome music

- disney soundtracks!

- bts

- exo

- kard

- seventeen

- hamilton soundtrack

- the book of mormon soundtrack

- dear evan hansen soundtrack

- falsettos soundtrack

- all time low

- twenty one pilots

- fall out boy

- panic! at the disco

- waterparks

feel-good movies/shows

- the big bang theory

- the office

- full house

- elf

- the incredibles

- ratatouille

- aladdin

- how to train your dragon

- willy wonka and the chocolate factory

- night at the museum

- beauty and the beast

- kinky boots

- kung fu panda

- finding nemo

- despicable me

- lilo & stitch

- the lego movie

- spirited away

- back to the future

- grease

- singin in the rain

- ferris bueller’s day off


- sit up a little, straighten your back, stretch

- eat something if you haven’t today!

- you aren’t alone, you are important, you are loved. ily!!!

- you probably aren’t drinking enough

- if you’re finding it hard to keep your eyes open, please take a nap!!!

- take a few deep breaths

- bad days don’t last forever

- you are good enough, you are strong enough, you are smart enough, you are worthy enough, you are enough

- your health comes before your grades

- you are unique

- you are worth it

- you can do this


There are a few posts going around tumblr that have hundreds of thousands of notes and talk about torrents that you can go to for textbooks.

My advice?


Those are illegal.

I hate to be the stick in the mud here, but yeah, those are illegal.

And seeing as how a lot of you will be logged onto your college server and they can see any website that you go on, I wouldn’t recommend it. You might have your internet privileges revoked. Or face disciplinary actions. Is it worth it?

Besides, a ton of those websites are filled with viruses.

So, you may have saved a few hundred dollars on a textbook but now you need to buy a new computer and are facing consequences from the school.

I know that textbooks are outrageously expensive. And I hate it. But it’s not worth the trouble to try and illegally obtain them.

So, what would I recommend?

  • Talk to your professor. They might have a few extra textbooks for you to use.
  • Go to your college library. I worked in the library at my old college for a year and we had an entire shelf of textbooks that students could rent for two hours.
  • Put up a bulletin board where students can sell their old books and see if someone’s selling the book that you need.
  • Ask your professor if you can get the an older edition of a book. They’re usually a lot cheaper.

Here are five LEGAL websites that I would recommend:

  • amazon.com - Not only do they rent books, they also sell used books. I’ve found some really great deals before.
  • textbookrush.com - Again, they sell used books. I once got a $300 book for $35.
  • chegg.com - I know a lot of students who use this.
  • bookbyte.com - I also know a lot of students who use this.
  • bigwords.com - This website compares prices for books.

Also, BookFinder! My dad is a college professor, and he taught me to use BookFinder to find cheaper textbooks. Just type in the author and title or ISBN of the book, and it’ll give you lists of prices from all sorts of legal websites–new AND used books–shipping included in the price they show you right there!


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