Are Beauty Pageants Harmful Essay

Beauty pageants degrade women to mere objects. Such a competition is the exploitation of women by men and other women. If the beauty competition was based on skill or ability, that would be fine. But nowadays people judge them for their outer appearance. For example, if five people were running in a race, only one will win. There is no doubt as to who ran faster. There is also no need for anyone to judge such competitions. These competitions also affect the self-esteem of some women who feel that a size ten isn’t good enough for the competitions. In every pageant or competition, you always see every contestant at a size zero to five. This brings a lot of high self-esteems down because they feel that the world revolves around skinny models.

Beauty contests are well promoted by the media, with television and images, which influence young women’s opinions on appearance. The participants of these contests are poor role models for these girls as they set impractical body weight, breast size and clear skin standards. This is another way of saying you have to be perfect in order to even compete in these competitions. This sets the idea for an ideal female body, which only a minority of women can then become incredibly harmful to young women by encouraging dieting, eating disorders, and cosmetic surgery, or simply making them feel inadequate and ugly. The moment women flaunt themselves, as in beauty pageants, they become an object to be degraded and exploited sex object for a year.

Not only is low self-esteem a major negative effect that grows from beauty pageants, but also so are eating disorders. In our society, fifteen percent of women have eating disorders. Miss America from 2008 is a recovering anorexic. It has been tested that one out of every one hundred women between the ages of ten and twenty are starving themselves to death. Striving to be a beauty queen is a danger to the physical and mental health of our girls today. In addition to eating disorders, beauty pageants cause many contestants to suffer from depression later in life. Nine out of ten girls ranging from the ages of fourteen to fifteen claims to have suffered depression and six percent say that life is not worth living anymore according to Tammy McDaniel.

It is recorded that seventy five percent of woman engage in harmful activities towards their bodies. These thoughts tend to lead to drugs and potentially harming themselves. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford stated that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” in 1878. Teens behold what they think is beauty and many get this idea from seeing winners at beauty pageants. What others think is beautiful is not necessarily what everyone thinks is beautiful. These competitions deprive women of truly believing in themselves and alter their thinking process on what is truly beautiful.

Essay on The Negative Impact of Beauty Contests and Models

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Everyday we see men and women in magazines that have what society has called “the perfect body” and we just bypass it like it means nothing to us, when deep down inside, we are eager to become just like those models. Society has put this picture into all of our heads of what the “average” person should look like. It is said that for women, we should have small tiny waist, flat stomachs, the hourglass figure, a round buttox and well developed plump breasts. Does this sound like the average female that you see on your streets daily? No. The reason is because everyone is different and made differently. Not everyone that you come across is going to be petite with these features. Now, for the men; they should have the “perfect body” as well,…show more content…

Are we not just judging who is “good enough” to be the face of this magazine or that magazine? God has repeatedly said that those who judge are evil. Is America full of evil? Why do we judge so much on what is on the outside of a person without getting to know that they are really like internally?

“There are more pressures on girls than ever before about the proper way to look and act and dress. And they feel the need to fit in and that the only way that they can fit in is by looking acting and dressing that certain way. Of course, Barbie is always there to start these trends. So when these young girls are playing with their brand new Barbie doll, their brain is registering everything about that doll. How popular and perfect she is, and so naturally these girls are beginning to want to be just like Barbie, happy and perfect all the time, which starts many of them on their way to eating disorders (Chubbuck).” Is Barbie the cause of all this corruption? Was the Barbie made to tell children and young girls that they need to look just like the Barbie so that they could “fit in” or be pretty? When you sit back and think about it, the Barbie has been affecting the way that young girls perceive themselves as. There are a countless amount of girls in the world today claiming that

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