Tartarin De Tarascon France 2 Critique Essay

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Daudet, Alphonse. In the Land of Pain. Edited and translated by Julian Barnes. New York: Knopf, 2003. Daudet's mind kept thinking and reflecting when his body was breaking down because of tertiary syphilis, and his noted thoughts about the banal as well as the transformative aspects of pain, suffering, and attempts at treatment, were eventually published by his son as La Doulou (pain). In the Land of Pain includes a biographical introduction and extensive notes by Barnes.

Daudet, Léon. Alphonse Daudet. Translated by Charles De Kay. Boston: Little, Brown, 1901. A biography by Daudet’s son, a journalist. Also includes an essay “Mon Frère et moi,” by Ernest Daudet.

Dobie, Grace Vera. Alphonse Daudet. London: Nelson, 1949. This literary biography is a reliable source of facts on the writer’s life from a traditional viewpoint. Provides, however, little assessment of his works.

Hamilton, James F. “The Recovery of Psychic Center in Daudet’s lettres de mon moulin.” Nineteenth-Century French Studies 5 (Fall/Winter, 1995/1996): 133-143. Argues that the book’s bipolar structure reflects a struggle in the male ego for and against the integration of the feminine; suggests that the windmill and the lighthouse reflect the feminine versus the masculine side of the self.

Hare, Geoffrey E. Alphonse Daudet: A Critical Bibliography. 2 vols. London: Grant and Cutler, 1978. A painstakingly compiled bibliography of the author’s works by genre, along with listings of French and international studies; astute critical commentary on critical works.

MacConmara, Maitiú. “Provincial Culture in the Work of Two French Writers.” Studies 53 (Summer, 1974): 167-176. An analysis of Guy de Maupassant and Daudet’s treatments of minority cultures. Claims that Daudet’s Provençal works reveal the crisis of an old civilization invaded by dominant French social and cultural forces.

Roche, Alphonse Victor. Alphonse Daudet. Boston: Twayne, 1976. A biographical approach that summarizes Daudet’s major works: Contains, however, a number of proofreading blunders.

Sachs, Murray. The Career of Alphonse Daudet: A Critical Study. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1965. An excellent, reliable study of the author and his works.

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