Hcs 325 Week 2 Team Assignment Software

The Importance of Teams 2 The Importance of Teams Our health care call center has noted an increase in call volume over the past year. We are now double the call volume we were, but with the exact same staff. Our budget has increased for this year, but not enough to hire any additional staff members. In this proposal we will determine how to allocate our new funds to increase our performance and efficiency, while improving our customer satisfaction. Problem With double the call volume and not enough budget for additional staff, we are facing poor customer satisfaction, decreased morale, and a reduction in productivity. Recommendation Currently, the budgetary increase of $20,000 will limit us from increasing our staff, so what we propose is to create teams and provide updated training to help our employees handle the increased call volume. We can learn a lot from different industries such as aviation, auto racing and the military. Teams are very important for these industries because communication and team work saves them time and money, reduces risk, and increases efficiency (Murphy, 2014). Here at our call center, we believe that we can easily attain our goal by working together. It is always the expectation that a team will produce better results than the individual, but it is important to remember that effective teamwork rarely happens where there is no collaboration (Oandasan , et. al., 2006). A collaborative environment is needed in order for the team to achieve success. To create a collaborative environment, team members must practice the following: Assess the situation. Identify what is most important, and what can be placed on the backburner. Create a common goal. Teams are defined as a group of people who work toward a common goal so without a goal, there is no team. Allow each team member to

Software Systems for Organizations 2 imaginable. One type of computer software that is very useful is human service software. This software is used for a variety of reasons and has become a must have in the human service field. Software Enhancement Organizations that use software establish a system that assists them with keeping track of their clients, funding, other reliable resources. The ClientTrack software does just that for human services organizations. This software gives the benefit of tracking client information and can use the software to communication with other organizations. The best part of the software is that it is cost effective and is capable of keeping the organization in compliance (ClientTrack, 2010). Like ClientTrack, FAMCare is a data management system that has different tools and resources. The goal of the FAMCare software is to focus on information and the program performance at an affordable price (FAMCare, 1998-2011). The FAMCare system is designed to give the organization the ability to get the job done faster and more effectively. The system tools are easy to use and reduce the work load of the case managers. Many human service organizations would benefit from the use of either of these software systems. Utilizing the software Both Client Track and FAMCare should be used to enhance access to current clients and other resources that will fit the needs of the clients and the professional in achieving the goals both wish to reach. The software could be used to organize clients, to list the resources according to the need of each person. Both forms of software are great organizational tools to be used in the Human Services field they are user friendly for both agent and client. Client Track and FAMCare will aid in improving the efficiency of day to day task such as intakes eligibility determination case notes tracking client’s progress measuring outcomes and other such aspects of the human service field. They will aid with accounting, scheduling, reporting, Task Management and

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