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The original idea and credit for such a thread belongs to AHF member Boby, (his original thread is here:- viewtopic.php?f=19&t=139189 ). Also a thank you to AHF member Patzinak and others who contributed to the original. Many of the original listed links are no longer working, so they haven't been re-grouped in this thread. Please add posts to new works and I'll update the Index accordingly.

The Index will hopefully provide a easy on stop shop for people looking for free access Dissertations/Thesis's online and also reduce duplication of works being listed
To that end they are grouped as follows:-
Nation (with sub-groupings of WW1 & WW2)
General WW1
General Inter-War
General WW2
All the works are listed alphabetically by the Authors surname.
Where the work isn't in English, its language will be identified.
The links will either take you to the work itself or to a point where it can be downloaded.
Please if you find any link that is inoperable then please let me know.

Total number listed so far 124


A Triumph of improvisation : Australian Army operational logistics and the campaign in Papua, July 1942 to January 1943 by MOREMON, JOHN CLIFFORD ... d=UNSWORKS


The Rexist movement in Belgium, 1940-1944 by CONWAY, Martin ... TTACHMENT1

The 51st (Highland) Division during the First World War by FRENCH, Craig ... hos.433074
British strategy and oil, 1914-1923 by GIBSON, Martin ... hos.546663
The Women's Corps : the establishment of women's military services in Britain by GOULD, Jennifer ... hos.260868
War planning and strategic development in the Royal Navy, 1887-1918 by GRIMES, Shawn ... hos.408275
Inceoglu C. Dunsterforce in Baku: A Case Study in British Imperial/Interventionist Foreign Policy with Respect to Transcaucasia 1917–1918 MA 2012 The Department of History İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University Ankara
Army co-operation missions of the Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force 1914 - 1918 by JORDAN, David. ... hos.487881
A moonlight massacre: the night operation on the Passchendaele Ridge, 2 December 1917 by LoCICERO,Michael Stephan
A war within a war: the influence of Balkan irredentism on British strategy in south-eastern Europe, 1914–1918 by LUKASIK, SEBASTIAN HUBERT
The infantry cannot do with a gun less : the place of the artillery in the BEF, 1914-1918. by MARBLE, William S. ... hos.391793
The men who planned the war: A study of the Staff of the British Army on the Western Front 1914-1918 BY MARTIN, PAUL ... thesis.pdf
The 46th (North Midland) Division T.F. on the Western Front, 1915-1918 by PEAPLE, Simon P. ... hos.435414
The operational role of British corps command on the Western Front, 1914-18 by SIMPSON, Andrew. ... hos.367588
British 8th Infantry Division on the Western Front, 1914-18 by THOMAS, Alun ... hos.512355
An inter-disciplinary study of learning in the 32nd division on the Western Front, 1916-1918
British casualties on the Western Front 1914-1918 and their influence on the military conduct of the Second World War - See more at: ... ajl9C.dpuf

The Art of Deception-Dueling Intelligence Organizations in World War II by BENDECK, Whitney ... Thesis.pdf
The MARKET GARDEN Campaign : Allied operational command in northwest Europe, 1944 by CIRILLO,Roger ... ode=simple
Arming the British Home Guard, 1940-1944 by CLARKE, DM. ... hos.538946
The navy as the ultimate guarantor of freedom in 1940? CUMMING, Anthony J, ... hos.425744
The impact of terrain on British operations and doctrine in North Africa 1940-1943 by DANDO, Neil ... 777phd.pdf
RV Jones and the Birth of Scientific Intelligence ... sequence=4
Courting a Reluctant Ally: An Evaluation of US/UK Naval Intelligence Cooperation 1935-1941 by FLORENCE, Gregory ... t_Ally.pdf
The development of Britain's airborne forces during the Second World War by GREENACRE, J.W ... hos.514015
The British Anti-Shipping Campaign in the Mediterranean 1940-1944: Comparing Methods of Attack
by HAMMOND, Richard James
The role of the Royal Navy in the amphibious assaults in the second World War by HOWCROFT, Ivor. ... hos.269836
Holding the line: The Royal Navy's Home Fleet in the second World War by LEVY, James ... hos.493885
The Royal Navy on the threshold of modern anti-submarine warfare, 1944-1949 by LLEWELLYN-JONES, Malcolm ... hos.408475
The capital ship controversy in the interwar Royal Navy : an operational and tactical reassessment by MORITZ, J.A ... hos.392365
The British Manpower Crisis 1944 by PEATY, John Robert ... hos.313385
Army co-operation command and tactical air power development in Britain, 1940-1943: the role of army co-operation command in army air support by POWELL, Matthew L
Operational research in RAF Bomber Command, 1941-1945 (Britain), Randall Thomas Wakelam: ... ontext=etd
Studies in British naval intelligence, 1880-1945 WELLS, A.R ... 294575.pdf

Winning trench warfare : battlefield intelligence in the Canadian Corps, 1914–1918
The Fighting Seventh : the evolution & devolution of tactical command and control in a Canadian infantry brigade of the Great War by MCCULLOCH, IAN M
Making their mark : Canadian snipers and the Great War, 1914–1918 by MEPHAM, LESLIE PARKER
First Canadian Division, C.E.F., 1914–1918 : Ducimus (We lead) by Radley, Kenneth

Commanding the Green Centre Line in Normandy: A Case Study of Division Command in the Second World War, CARAVAGGIO, Angelo ... ontext=etd
Canadians Against Fire : Canada's Soldiers and Marshall's "Ratio of Fire" 1944–1945
by ENGEN, ROBERT CHARLES ... Q-1081.pdf
Officer training and the quest for operational efficiency in the Royal Canadian Navy 1939-1945. by GLOVER, William ... hos.286399
Canadian military humour : a perspective on Canadian Army humour during World War Two and Korea by LEAVEY, W. A. ... Q44915.pdf
Proud to serve : an operational history of Number 162 (Bomber Reconnaissance) Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, 1942–1945 by NOAKES, JEFFREY DAVID
Missed opportunities: first Canadian Army and the air plan for Operation Totalize, 7–10 August 1944 by PERRUN, JODY ... Q43322.pdf
Operational research and the Royal Canadian Air Force Eastern Air Command's search for efficiency in airborne anti-submarine warfare, 1942–1945

Attrition : its theory and application in German strategy, 1880-1916 ... hos.322708

Le IIIe Reich et le projet national du Québec : étude comparée des idéologies politiques allemandes et québécoises, 1918–1945 by ASSELIN, PIERRE (in French) ... Q26149.pdf
The war surgery from 1939-1945 from the perspective of the consulting surgeon of the German Army in World War II by Behrendt, KARL PHILLIP (in German)
Golden Pheasants and Eastern Kings: The German District Administration in the Occupied Soviet Union, 1941–1944, CONNOR, Stephen A ... ontext=etd
Hitler's clean slate : everyday life in the Reichskommissariat Ukraine, 1941–1944
Nationalsozialismus in Göttingen (1933-1945), by CORDULA TOLLMIEN ... htm#inhalt
"Preparing for Government?" Wilhelm Frick as Thuringia's Nazi Minister of the Interior and of Education, 23 January 1930 - 1 April 1931 by CRICHTON, KEVIN
Selection and training of young officers 1930-1945 by DIRK, RICHARD
Wehrmacht health and medical services during the Italian campaign, 1943-1944 : an army-level study by FLUCKER, A ... hos.555685
Blitzkrieg under fire : German rearmament, total economic mobilization, and the myth of the Blitzkrieg Strategy, 1933–1942 GORE, BRETT THOMAS
Seeking the philosopher's stone: Luftwaffe operations during Hitler's drive to the South-East, 1942-1943 by HAYWARD, JSA
The Atlantic Wall 1940 - 1945
The attachment of the western and northern coasts of Europe in the area of conflict and warfare of Nazi ideology by HEBER, THORSTEN ... et?id=2613
The Reich Labour Service in peace and war : a survey of the Reichsarbeitsdienst and its predecessors 1920-1945 by HEYCK, HARTMUT
Self-portraits in the face of the threat of Nazism .by HOGE, KRISTINA
The great light: the writings of Paul Scheer Barts and the Cathedral of Light by Albert Speer by KRAUTER, ANNE
Nazi crimes and German reactions : an analysis of reactions and attitudes within the German Resistance to the persecution of Jews in German-controlled lands, 1933-1944, with the focus on the writings of Carl Goerdeler, Ulrich von Hassell and Helmuth von Moltke
U-Boats in the Bay of Biscay: an Essay in Operational Analysis by McCUE, Brian
The SS Cavalry Brigade and its operations in the Soviet Union, 1941-1942 by PIEPER, HENNING
Nazism and resistance in Austria. Opposition and dissent, consensus and political police. Vienna (1938-1942) by MUNOZ DE TORO, FRANCISCO MIGUEL;js ... 151BA.tdx2
Wehrmacht Soldiers in Paris 1940-44 by PLACE, E.M ... hos.512074
Soldiers into Nazis? : the German infantry's war in northwest Russia, 1941-1944 by RUTHERFORD, JEFFREY C.
The political labor movement in Bohemia 1933-1938 by SCHAFFRANNEK, CHRISTOF ... 0000001252
The German army and National Socialist occupation policies in the occupied areas of the Soviet Union 1941-1943 by SCHULTE, Theo ... hos.235298
The holy Reich: religious dimensions of Nazi ideology, 1919–1945 by STEIGMANN-GALL, RICHARD ... Q41317.pdf
The European ideas in the German and French resistance against the Nazis 1933/40 to 1945 by STEPHAN, FEDERIC ... index.html
Resistance in the Third Reich? : political dissent in Rottenburg am Neckar, 1933–1938 by THORNE, ELLEN JEAN
Mobilizing for total war : the National Socialist leadership and social and labour prerequisites for intensifying the German war effort, 1941-1945

The Italian Submarine Force in the Battle of the Atlantic by MOELLER, KEVIN

To return to Poland or not to return : the dilemma facing the Polish Armed Forces at the end of the Second World War by OSTROWSKI, Mark ... hos.338966

Still our best allies : the Romanian Armed Forces in the interwar period and on the Eastern Front in 1941 by STATIEV, ALEXANDER ... Q34914.pdf

Leadership and command on the Eastern Front (1941-1945) : the military style of Marchal Konstantin Rokossovskiy by WALSH, S.M ... hos.512818

Sidi Rezegh and Tobruk : two South African military disasters revisited 1941-1942 ... _1941-1942



Hurricane at Biak: MacArthur against the Japanese, May-August 1944 by BERNSTEIN, Mare ... etd_theses
USN Fleet Problems and the Development of Carrier Aviation 1929-1933 by WADLE, R ... sAllowed=y

Entente rivalry in the Near East during the Great War : Anglo-French war aims from Salonica to Basra, 1914–1918 by NG, KENNY ... Q51432.pdf
'Brothers in arms'? : the American and British coalition on the Western Front, 1918 by YOCKELSON, Mitchell ... hos.514168
The secret mission of Noel Buxton to Bulgaria, September, 1914–January, 1915

The place of Malta in British strategic policy 1925-1943 by AUSTIN, Douglas ... hos.271101
A sociography of the SS Officer Corps, 1925-1939 by BOEHNERT, G C ... hos.450113
The Royal Navy's fuel supplies 1898-1939 : the transition from coal to oil by BROWN, Warwick ... hos.408161
SOME MEN PUT IN THEIR LIVES": Americans in the International Brigades, Spain 1936-1939 by COLEMAN, Erik B
URL Missing.
Anschluss 1938: Austria's potential for military resistance by FESTA, JANICE ... Q43863.pdf
German foreign policy towards Iran by KHATIB-SHAHIDI, Rashid Armin ... TTACHMENT1
British forces and Irish freedom : Anglo-Irish defence relations 1922-1931 by LINGE, John ... hos.513816
The Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force in anti-submarine warfare policy, 1918-1945 BY NEATE, James
War and nationality conflict in eastern Galicia, 1914–1920 : the evolution of modern anti-Semitism by PRUSIN, ALEXANDER VICTOR
In dubious battle: Mussolini's mentalite and Italian foreign policy, 1936-1939
The enigma of German operational theory : the evolution of military thought in Germany, 1919-1938 by VARDI, Gil-li ... hos.539321
The Impact of Airpower on the Royal Navy in the 1920s by TILL, G. ... hos.475232
The development of naval air warfare by the Royal Navy and Fleet Air Arm between the two world wars by WEIR, Philip ... hos.438343
The Financial Aspects of the Spanish Civil War
Biplane to monoplane: twenty years of technological development in British fighter aircraft, 1919-1939
Relations between the Army and the Royal Airforce 1918-1939 by WALDIE, DJP ... hos.291189
The Red Army and the Terror by WHITEWOOD, P.J ... hos.581603

When you lose India, don`t blame me" . Winston Churchill und Indien 1939 bis 1947
German economic relations with occupied Denmark, 1940-1945, and the extraordinary industrial deliveries by Giltner, Philip
Jewish terrorist activities and the British government in Palestine, 1939-1947 HOFFMAN, Bruce ... TTACHMENT1
Bitter harvest : a case study of Allied operational intelligence for Operation Spring Normandy, July 25, 1944 by O'KEEFE, DAVID R.
The Reichsmark and the ruble : a study of two totalitarian systems and their economies in conflict by PANTHAKI, NEVILLE ... Q33502.pdf
The Royal Navy and Soviet seapower, 1930-1950 : intelligence, naval cooperation and antagonism by RYAN, Joseph ... hos.321124
The German Armed Forces Supreme Command and British and American prisoners-of-war, 1939–1945 : policy and practice by VOURKOUTIOTIS, VASILIS
The Defence and Evacuation of the Kuban Bridgehead, January – October 1943
The World War II Allied Economic Warfare: The Case of Turkish Chrome Sales ... rome_Sales

Title: Holocaust survivors: successful lifelong coping after trauma
by BAUM, SUSAN ... Q46316.pdf

Title: Holocaust experience and suicide ideation in high-risk older adults

Title: Représenter l'Holocauste: le traitement et la représentation de l'Holocauste dans les musées-mémoriaux d'Amérique du Nord; étude comparative, le United States Holocaust Memorial Museum et le Centre commémoratif de l'Holocauste à Montréal

Title: Holocaust on trial? : the Frankfurt Auschwitz trial 1963–1965 in historical perspective

Title: The informal alliance : Anglo-Canadian defence relations, 1945–1960
Title: Resistance in the Soviet Occupied Zone/German Democratic Republic, 1945–1955 by BRUCE, GARY S. ... Q44649.pdf
Holding down the Fort?" The War Historical Cooperation of the U.S. Army and Former German Wehrmacht Officers, 1945-1961 by KRUG, Esther ... mory:1dpfq
Prisoners of War - Cold War Allies: The Anglo-American Relationship with Wehrmacht Generals by MALLETT, Derek ... sequence=3
Title: Bringing the boys home: a study of the Canadian demobilization policy after the First and Second World Wars by RIVARD, JEFFREY RONALD ... Q46274.pdf
ASHCAN: Nazis, Generals and Bureaucrats as Guests at the Palace Hotel, Mondorf les Bains, Luxembourg, May-August 1945 by SCHRAG, Steven
Title: Far Eastern tour: the experiences of the Canadian Infantry in Korea, 1950–1953
by WATSON, BRENT BYRON ... Q41363.pdf

What Are Some Good Topics For A High School Research Paper About WWII

High school research papers are one of the most exciting things one can work on. High school happens to be a transitive phase between junior level studies and senior level studies. The concept of exploration in studies is something almost new to most high schoolers. And that is why you are going to find it all the more interesting! But make sure that you have a lot of materials for reference on a particular topic before you start working on it.

WWII is an event that changed the political, administrative, economic and social systems of many countries across the world. Millions of people died in this war which has been said to be the most extensive and lethal war in the history of mankind. It went on for six gruesome years by the end of which almost the whole world was engulfed in its devastating fire. Making a dissertation on any topic related to this war can be a deeply intriguing experience.

Here is a list of some interesting topics on WWII for your high school research paper:

  1. 1. The neutrality of the United States of America in World War 2.
  2. 2. What happened to the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the World War 2?
  3. 3. The story of Pearl Harbour.
  4. 4. The role of the Nazis in World War 2.
  5. 5. The chief causes behind World War 2.
  6. 6. Was World War 1 responsible for the outbreak of World War 2?
  7. 7. The aftermath of World War 2.
  8. 8. What happened to the Jews in Europe during the World War 2?
  9. 9. Weapons used in the Second World War.
  10. 10. The technological advancement during the Second World War.
  11. 11. Biological experiments done on the Prisoners of War during the Second World War.
  12. 12. What were Hitler’s objectives for starting the Second World War?
  13. 13. The famous personalities that died during the Second World War.
  14. 14. The political relations in between the European countries after the Second World War.
  15. 15. The role of the Japanese in World War 2.
  16. 16. The vehicles used by the soldiers during World War 2.
  17. 17. Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour?
  18. 18. Was America the only country in the world to possess atomic bombs during the Second World War?
  19. 19. The harm done to the architectural heritage of Europe due to the Second World War.
  20. 20. Which country suffered the most due to the Second World War?

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