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This month’s Photojournalism Links collection highlights 10 excellent photo essays from across the world, including Tomas Munita's photographs from Gaza and Israel, made on assignment for the New York Times. The work, coinciding with the first anniversary of last year's 50 day war between Israel and Palestinian militant groups, consists of eight innovative stop-motion-sequences which take us to the streets, hospitals, and homes on both sides of the conflict, and provide an immersive glimpse of how the two groups of communities are coping, one year after.

Tomas Munita: Walking in War's Path (The New York Times)

Brent Stirton: Tracking Ivory: Terror in Africa | Ivory's Human Toll (National Geographic) Two strong sets of images for National Geographic magazine's latest cover story.

Lynsey Addario: Inside the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Diamond Mines (TIME LightBox)Terrific set of images looking at Congo's diamond mining communities.

Andres Kudacki: Spain’s Housing Crisis (TIME LightBox)Powerful three-year project on the country's home evictions, now on show at Visa pour l'Image photojournalism festival.

Mary Ellen Mark: New Orleans (CNN Money)The legendary photographer's final assignment, done ahead of Hurricane Katrina's 10th anniversary.

Daniel Etter: Hands Across Water (Al Jazeera America) Moving series on a small Sea-Watch ship, with a rotating crew of just eight volunteers, trying to save refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean.

Sergey Ponomarev: On Island of Lesbos, a Microcosm of Greece’s Other Crisis: Migrants (The New York Times)Dramatic photographs of refugees and migrants arriving to the Greek island.

Allison Joyce: Child Marriage Bangladesh (International Business Times)Heartbreaking pictures of a 15-year-old Bangladeshi girl's wedding | See also Joyce's other Bangladeshi child marriage series at Mashable.

Andrea Bruce: Romania's Disappearing Girls (Al Jazeera America)The Noor photographer's work shows how poverty and desperation drive Romanian girls into the arms of sex traffickers.

Matt Black: Geography of Poverty: Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 (MSNBC)Second and third chapters of the Magnum photographer's ambitious project mapping poverty around the U.S.

Mikko Takkunen is an Associate Photo Editor at TIME. Follow him on Twitter @photojournalism.

This month’s Photojournalism Links collection highlights 10 excellent photo essays from around the world, including Rubén Salgado Escudero's stunning portraits of people using solar lanterns in India, Myanmar, and Uganda. The pictures, made on assignment for National Geographic magazine's new climate change issue, demonstrate how the clean-energy lights are transforming lives in places where there's no access to the electricity grid.

Rubén Salgado Escudero: How Solar Lanterns Are Giving Power to the People (National Geographic)

Alex Majoli: A Tragedy Unfolds on Lesvos (The New Yorker Photo Booth)The Magnum photographer's stark, flash-lit black-and-white pictures offer a different visual take on the refugee and migrant crisis on the Greek Island.

Mauricio Lima and Sergey Ponomarev: A Family Swept Up in the Migrant Tide (The New York Times) Their powerful photographs document a Syrian refugee family's journey through Europe. | See more photos on the Lens blog

James Nachtwey: The Journey of Hope (TIME LightBox) Great pictures by TIME's veteran contract photographer, who followed migrants and refugees from Lesbos to the Balkans.

Josh Haner: Greenland Is Melting Away (The New York Times) These striking stills and footage, made using a drone, show the very real effects of climate change. | See also the Times Insider piece about the challenges of using the drone in the harsh conditions.

Ciril Jazbec: How Melting Ice Changes One Country’s Way of Life (National Geographic) These compelling pictures capture how climate change is changing the lives of Greenland’s hunting communities.

Maria Turchenkova: Bearing Witness to the Victims of Yemen’s ‘Forgotten War’ (TIME LightBox) Turchenkova's photographs highlight a conflict that continues to receive far too little attention.

Lorenzo Tugnoli: A Libyan Militia Confronts the World’s Migrant Crisis (The Washington Post) Fascinating story of Libya’s northernmost city, Zuwarah,which is trying to close down a smuggling route to Italy.

Andrew Quilty: Inside the MSF Hospital in Kunduz (Foreign Policy) Quilty presents devastating pictures from inside the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital hit by a U.S. attack.

Ruth McDowall: The Young Survivors of Boko Haram (The New Yorker Photo Booth) Portraits and searing testimonies of young Nigerian Boko Haram survivors.

Mikko Takkunen is’s International Photo Editor. Follow him on Twitter @photojournalism.

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