Business 100 Assignment 2016

Assignment 2Finance & Accounting – Senior Accountant AnalysisDue Date: Week 5Note: While representative of possible situations faced by SunsTruck Sunglasses, all scenarios in this assignment are fictional.Real BusinessLarge discount retailers like Target and Walmart employ large teams of Finance and Accounting professionals to help measure and understand the financial health of the business. Financial and accounting information helps these businesses make educated financial decisions, such as whether or not to continue partnering with a retail supplier. While often smaller businesses, it is equally important for these retail suppliers to use financial and accounting data to make educated decisions, such as the best approach to gaining additional funding. Your RoleThis week, you’ll assume the role of Senior Accountant with SunsTruck Sunglasses.What is a Senior Accountant?Senior accountants take ownership of reporting costs, profitability, margins and expenditures fora given business. They use the principles of accounting to analyze sales information, create financial reports, make recommendations about the financial health of the company, and more.

CAREER IN FINANCE 3 Assignment 1: Career in Finance Career opportunities vary within the finance service industry, some of the typical career paths are financial analysts, financial service agents, budget analysts and personal financial advisors, loan officers, chief financial officers, investment, banking, and corporate finance. These professions are usually within a bank, investment, insurance firms or within the government and the nonprofit industry. Financial Analysts Financial Analysts guides businesses and individuals making an investment decision, accesses the performances of stock bonds, and other varies investments. They evaluate the current and historical financial data, study the trends of business and economy. Also, examine the company’s financial statement to determine its value. Another common name for financial analysts is as investment and securities analysts. Typically financial analysts work in banks pension fund, mutual funds, securities and insurance companies. There is a different type of categories of financial analysts which includes Buy- side analysts and sell side analysts. Firms that invest a lot of money uses buy side analysts to develop investment strategies. Sell-side advise financial services to sale agents. Other types of financial analysts include portfolio managers, fund managers, rating, and risk analysis[CITATION BLS \l 1033 ]. The education level for any of these different types of financial positions must have a bachelor’s degree, however for a more advanced position a master’s degree tend to a requirement.

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