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Every day tons of college and school students struggle with their academic assignments. When writing different types of papers, students do not only have to follow certain instructions; they also have to create an original, interesting and high-quality piece.

College narrative essay is one of the most often assignments. Only experienced students can easily cope with this task. The others often start looking for alternative ways to deal with such papers and are wondering around “who can write my narrative essay.”

If you know how to cope with your narrative essay assignment, it can be an easy type of academic writing for you, but if you face difficulties with writing a narrative paper – your risks of failure are quite high. That is when you should look for professional essay help! Where can you find professional help with narrative essay writing that will bring you to the top and boost your performance?

Why Do Students Seek Writing Assistance?

Working on numerous papers is challenging, and various pitfalls are waiting for you all the way through this tedious and time-consuming process. Young people have to be aware of lots of different requirements. Besides, almost everyone is facing issues with plagiarism. That is why many prefer to request narrative writing essay assistance from a custom writing service to receive a high-quality paper, written by experts in this field.

How To Get Assistance Of Expert Writers?

Finding such service is a challenge. It 's hard to identify a trustworthy site and not to be deceived by frauds or dishonest companies that will not just waste your precious time, but can also spoil your performance at school!

Searching for narrative essay help, students want to find a reliable service. There are thousands of custom writing services that sell narrative essays online, but only a few can give you that decent support that you were looking for! However, if you are looking for the right place to buy narrative essay – you are on the right track as EduBirdie is exactly what you were searching for all this time!

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Helping Students In Reaching Success!

Writing a narrative essay on your own may be not that easy. Different institutions, as well as different teachers, all provide different instructions and have different demands to this type of assignments, and not always it will be easy to meet them.

That is why finding a reliable custom essay writing company is priceless! A company that employs experienced people, who are experts in their field, will help you deal with all of your papers and other college matters! And if you choose EduBirdie – each your paper will be authentic, original, interesting, created in accordance with all your needs and thus, worth the highest assessment of your teacher!

Free Narrative Essay Example

The following free narrative essay example is taken from open source, so don't plagiarized it in your own purposes. Enjoy the sample narrative essay paper written for you.

I remember when I went scuba diving for the first time. It was the summer of 2002. My Dad, his two friends Mark and Bob, and I went on a scuba diving trip to San Carlos, Mexico with a group of scuba divers from June 21st-29th.

It was June 22nd, a beautiful day. The temperature was at about 90 degrees and it was very sunny. I was on big nice scuba diving boat along with the other eight divers on the trip and captain and co-captain. The boat was headed to an island about two hours away called "Seal Island"; it was called that because of all the sea lions that inhabit it. When we arrived at the island the captain stopped and anchored the boat. I immediately jumped in the water and started snorkeling while all the other divers were still on the boat putting on their scuba equipment.

After being in the water for about two minutes wearing only a bikini, I started feeling this stinging sensation all over my body. After about another minute or so the stinging got so bad that I had to get out of the water and back on the boat. When I got on the boat I found that I had welts on every inch of my body that wasn't covered by my bikini. I had been stung a numerous times by a jellyfish. The captain of the boat, Chuey, a Mexican man who couldn't speak English poured this liquid substance all over my body, and immediately made all the stinging go away. I knew then that when I got back in the water I would have to wear a wetsuit.

A little while later, after I recovered from the jellyfish stings, I put on my wetsuit, weight vest, regulator, BC, tank, fins, and mask, all the equipment essential for scuba diving. I was pretty nervous about going down, so the instructor, a man named Punk Potter (really that's his name) went over all the steps equalizing, breathing, and reassured me everything is going to be okay and to just relax.

Finally, after lots of reassuring and encouragement I jumped in the water. The instructor went down with me. We took it slow and gradually started going down. I was breathing pretty fast at first from being nervous, but I gradually started to relax. We kept going further and further down until we reached the bottom at 42 feet below the surface. On the way down I saw schools of angelfish and many other fish that I couldn't identify.

When I got to the bottom I saw two moray eels that were really scary looking. I kept my distance from them, for I could see that the whole roof and bottom of the inside of their mouths were covered with razor sharp teeth. I saw a crab that was humongous, it was about 2 by 2 feet big. I saw plenty of jellyfish that I now didn't care for because of the earlier encounter that I had with one. I saw a manta ray that was amazing. It was beautiful how it just glided through the water so gracefully. I wanted to grab onto it and go for a ride like you see on TV, but I was a little too scared to do that just yet. It was the coolest visual experience of my life, seeing a whole different world something that not everyone gets to see like I did.

On the way back up towards the surface I saw a sea lion that was about the size of my Dad. It seemed like it just appeared out of nowhere and popped up right in my face. It scared the daylights out of me. It was curious about what I was, for it was swimming circles around me, looking me up and down, and just staring at me in the face. I'm sure that I looked like an alien to it with all of my scuba equipment on. It was so cute. The sea lion reminded me of my dachshund at home, Roxy, except a lot bigger and with it's ears cut off.

I swam up to the surface after being down for 45 minutes. I was so happy and excited when I got back on the boat. I told everyone of my experience. It was the coolest experience of my life. I went five more times on that trip and there will be many more in the future. It made me feel very brave, for scuba diving takes a lot of guts and not everyone can do it. It is a very dangerous and risky sport. You can die anytime by making just one of the many possible mistakes. I am very proud of myself for doing this. I think that by doing it, it revealed about my character that I am a risk taker, brave, and curious to see and experience new things.

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